Version 2.6.1 released

Version 2.6.1 released

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Gallery Server Pro 2.6.1 is now available. It contains a handful of bug fixes and – for those using the SQL CE database engine – up to 50% faster synchronization performance. My previous blog post details the performance enhancements.

Upgrading your gallery from 2.5 or 2.6.0 is as easy as copying the files from the upgrade package over your existing files (always do a backup first!). If upgrading from an earlier version or using the DotNetNuke module, refer to the Admin Guide.

The bug fixes in 2.6.1 are shown below. More details can be found in the 2.6.1 Defects Report.

  • A COMException may be thrown when adding an image or performing a synchronization.
  • An IOException may be thrown when adding an image or performing a synchronization.
  • Page may hang during file upload.
  • Profile settings for users do not always reflect the most current data.
  • The server’s memory cache is not cleared after uploading media files.
  • Confirmation message may not appear when validating new user account.
  • Moving an album to another gallery causes BusinessException when subsequently
    viewing target gallery.
  • (DotNetNuke) Cannot restore backup file.
  • Error “Maximum request length exceeded” during file upload.
  • IIS worker process crashes when editing role on Manage Roles page.

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