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Gallery Server Binary Pack

Last updated April 12, 2017

This collection of free open source utilities adds additional functionality such as video / audio encoding and image extraction from videos, txt, cr2, nef, pdf, tif, eps, ps and psd (Photoshop) files.

 IMPORTANT: When installing the ImageMagick utility, be sure to select the following option during setup: Install legacy utilities (e.g. convert)

Read the included text file Installation Instructions.txt for additional information.

Download Binary Pack on GitHub
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Satisfied Customers

Gallery Server was incredibly simple to install, but my favorite thing is how easy it is to use. We gave the client a quick demo and they haven’t needed additional training since we deployed!
Joe Hakooz, Innovah
The interface looks professional and is easy to navigate. If I ever need support, their response time is fast and they always resolve any issues or answer questions we have. We highly recommend this product!