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14 Sep, 2016

The long slow death of shared web hosting company Arvixe

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Yesterday we completed a task I didn't want to do. Rather, we were forced into it. We moved galleryserverpro.com from Arvixe web hosting to a Microsoft Azure VM. There was some downtime involved as we were dealing with DNS propagation delays and some trouble getting the SSL certs working, but we've been up for over 24 hours now and things are looking good. So what happened? In short, the reliability of the servers at Arvixe has gone dramatically downhill over the last two years. And the service in dealing with those issues has been even worse. We were experiencing outages of our site on a near daily basis. When we notified them, they were often cryptic in their responses and would usually say that the servers were having an issue and they were resolving it. Most of the time they wouldn't create a ticket or post it on their status page. I just had to [...]

29 Aug, 2016

Introducing Gallery Server Enterprise AWS – Cloud computing on Amazon Web Services

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We are proud to announce that, beginning today, Gallery Server is available pre-installed and optimized on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. In as little as five minutes you can have a low-cost, fully supported enterprise-class Digital Asset Management and Media Web Gallery running on reliable, scalable, hardware professionally managed by Amazon, one of the most well known and respected cloud providers. Your own Gallery Server Cloud Server Gallery Server Enterprise AWS is a dedicated virtual machine running the latest version of Gallery Server Enterprise on Windows Server 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2016 Express. You don't have to worry about installation, licensing or the Gallery Server Binary Pack. It's all taken care of. We even turned on Microsoft's Application Initialization feature, which keeps your gallery instantly available at all times, with no startup delay after periods of inactivity. You get full administrative access to the server through Remote Desktop. No longer suffer the frustration of limited access [...]

3 Dec, 2013

Beware the ultra cheap web host

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There are a ton of hosting companies out there with a wide variety of prices and service levels. I work with many of them when installing Gallery Server Pro, and I thought I should share a few things I’ve learned. 1and1.com You’ve seen the ads—they’re everywhere and they offer some of the lowest prices available. However, I spent several hours yesterday working with a customer and we were ultimately unsuccessful in getting GSP working. He has since moved to Arvixe where things are running smoothly. There were two main issues: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'. When you modify the connection string in web.config to point to an existing SQL Server database, Entity Framework Code First Migrations (triggered from GSP startup code) is supposed to detect the existing database and ensure its tables are updated to the current version. In our case, EF didn’t think the database existed and [...]

11 Apr, 2012

Making GSP so easy to install no one will pay the $100 install fee

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For the longest time I have offered to install GSP with your requested settings for $100. I still do and will continue to do so. But for anyone with a few minutes, it is actually quite easy to install on your own. The Admin Guide has step by step directions for some of the common ways to install the gallery. Today I added one more – how to install the gallery when a web host supports the Microsoft Web Application Gallery (WAG). To the unfamiliar, the WAG is a collection of open source web applications that can be easily installed.  This scenario is really the easiest way to get a gallery up and running when you know next to nothing about running a web site. All you need to do is create an account with a hosting company and click a couple of next…next links in a wizard. Two minutes [...]