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7 Jun, 2016

Monitor video and audio transcoding with the new Media Queue page

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When the FFmpeg.exe utility from the Gallery Server Binary Pack is installed, Gallery Server is able to create web-optimized media files from your video and audio assets. This provides several benefits: Videos that normally cannot be played in a browser such as AVI, WMV and others are converted to H.264 MP4 videos, which can be played in all major browsers, including those on mobile devices, with no plugin requirements. Sizes are dramatically reduced, which improve playback times on cellular networks, reduce bandwidth costs, and are generally easier to deal with than the originals. For example, a 10-second video clip from a Samsung S6 phone clocks in around 16 MB. When added to a gallery, the web-optimized version is 2-3 MB, roughly an 85% reduction. Creating the web-optimized version takes some time, so Gallery Server starts a background thread when you add a video or audio file. You can monitor this process with the new Media Queue page [...]

19 Nov, 2013

Gallery Server Pro 3.1.0 Released

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Today we released 3.1.0, containing a number of significant new features along with a few bug fixes. The features are: Improved quality of web-optimized videos Images generated up to 3 times faster Auto-rotation of images and videos Synchronization up to 300% faster and uses less server memory Easier Active Directory setup and integration Improved performance for large numbers of user accounts On-demand rotation of videos Support for 3GP videos This release is a free upgrade to 3.0 license holders. Upgrading is easy – just copy the files from the upgrade package over your existing web application. Installations and upgrades for other scenarios are in the Administrator’s Guide. Video Improvements When the Gallery Server Pro Binary Pack is installed, web-optimized versions of video files are created when you upload a file or the synchronization determines that an optimized video is needed. GSP 3.0.X created H.264 MP4 files that were highly compressed, [...]