2 Jun, 2014

Gallery Server Pro 3.2.1 Released

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Today we released 3.2.1, which contains a small set of bug fixes and a couple minor behavior changes. There are no changes to web.config or the skins, so upgrading from 3.2.0 is as easy as copying the files from the upgrade package over the existing files in your gallery. Instructions for upgrading other versions are in the Admin Guide. Bug fixes Left pane UI template partially updated during upgrade Parent nodes in the tree cannot be unchecked in certain cases Quotation marks in user and role names cause trouble Page scrolls to top when dialog auto-closes The first two bug fixes were added to the 3.2.0 packages as soon as they were identified (May 19 and May 23, respectively), so they may already be fixed in your installation of Gallery Server Pro. More details about the bug fixes are in this report. Behavior changes Remove confirmation message after drag and [...]

23 May, 2014

Tree bug fixed in latest build of 3.2.0

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This afternoon we noticed an issue with using the jQuery jsTree widget in 3.2.0. This widget is used in several places in Gallery Server Pro – basically anywhere we need to display a tree of data we use jsTree. The issue is that when you select all the children of a node, the parents are automatically selected as well. For example, you might want to create a role with all edit permissions but no admin privileges. This bug caused the Admin gallery and Admin site nodes to be selected when all the children were selected, with no way to de-select them: This is actually the intended behavior of the jsTree widget, as I suppose it is the behavior you want in most cases. But not us. You need to select the children while leaving the parent unchecked if you so choose. If you want to select the parent, fine, but [...]

19 May, 2014

Missing UI template update in 3.2.0 upgrade

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Oops! Earlier today we noticed that the left pane template didn’t get updated when upgrading a gallery from one of the 3.X versions. Because of this, the left pane appears empty when viewed on a touchscreen device larger than 750 pixels, as seen here on a Nexus 7: This only affects users who upgraded their gallery to 3.2.0 in the last four days. In addition, regular monitors (non-touchscreen) don’t have an issue, and neither do mobile devices smaller than 750 pixels. But those of you using an iPad, Nexus 7/10, Surface, touchscreen laptops and similar devices will see an empty left pane. What happened is that we forgot to tell the 3.2.0 migration code to update the JavaScript portion of the left pane template to use the new, improved touchscreen features we added in 3.2. The end result is that the script continues to use the 3.0/3.1 behavior of not [...]