23 Jun, 2011

Tips for upgrading to Gallery Server Pro 2.5

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Since releasing 2.5.0 a couple weeks ago, I am pleased the upgrade is going smoothly for the vast majority of you. However, a few support issues seem to be repeating themselves, so I wanted to throw out some tips to help it go smoothly. Back up before upgrading – Make a backup of your database and web files before the upgrade. That way, in case anything goes wrong, you have something to revert to. .NET 4.0 required – Version 2.5 requires .NET 4.0, so be sure it is available. I recommend getting your 2.3 or 2.4 gallery running on .NET 4.0 before upgrading to 2.5. The Admin Guide has all the details – read it carefully. SQLite to SQL CE migration errors – There have been two users who reported issues in the upgrade step that migrates data from the SQLite database to the SQL CE database. In one case, [...]

29 Apr, 2011

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.8 Released

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Version 2.4.8 was released today. It contains fixes for three bugs that won’t seriously affect most people, but I wanted to get it out the door so I can focus on the 2.5 drive. The release includes these fixes: Logging in does not preserve the original requested album or media object Cannot manage users or roles when they contain certain characters (DotNetNuke) Gallery doesn't work when user-friendly URLs are disabled Get more details about the bugs here. To upgrade from 2.4.7, download the 2.4.8 files to your hard drive. Then replace the GalleryServerPro.*.dll files in the bin directory with those from the download. Finally, replace the following files in your gallery with the matching file in the download: App_GlobalResources/GalleryServerPro.resx gs/pages/admin/usersettings.ascx If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 2.4.7, follow the instructions in the Admin Guide.

21 Apr, 2011

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.7 Released

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Today I released version 2.4.7 of Gallery Server Pro. All versions have been updated, but the Web Application Gallery version takes a few days to get approved by Microsoft, so be patient for that one. There are no new features in this release; only bug fixes and one web.config change: Various functions do not work when viewStateEncryptionMode="Always" Case difference in username during logon causes duplicate user album Username not HTML encoded Exception data of inner exception not logged Possible NullReferenceException when gallery contains images with GPS metadata HTML embed code contains incorrect URL when the website is installed in a virtual directory Role name that contains HTML cannot be assigned to user Cannot add/remove roles for user when membership is read-only embed.aspx moved from web root to gs directory web.config change: ViewStateEncryptionMode now set to “Always” More details can be found in the Fixed Defect Report. To upgrade from 2.4.6, [...]

3 Mar, 2011

2.4.6 patched with minor bug fixes

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Since releasing 2.4.6 on February 21, a few bugs have surfaced. I wanted to quickly fix them instead of making you wait for the next release, so I updated the existing 2.4.6 versions to include the fixes. These were updated today, so if you downloaded them earlier, you may want to upgrade. These bugs were fixed: BUG: ArgumentOutOfRangeException on account creation page when anonymous browsing is disabled BUG: Auto-synch fails when images contain GPS data BUG: (DotNetNuke only) Auto-sync function causes error emails to not be sent BUG: “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” error after enabling auto-sync in non-United States cultures BUG: Cannot play audio or video when option 'Allow anonymous browsing of high resolution images' is disabled There were also a few changes in behavior for the HTTP handler that serves media files to the browser: A request for a resource that no longer exists now [...]

21 Feb, 2011

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.6 Released

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Less than two months after 2.4.5 was released, I am pleased to announce 2.4.6. There are a bunch of new features along with the normal collection of bug fixes. The Admin Guide has instructions for upgrading to this version. The short story is that you use the Upgrade Wizard for upgrading from 2.3.*. To upgrade from 2.4.*, simply replace the web files with the latest version. The philosophy behind this release was to implement the “low-hanging fruit” features that have been frequently requested but didn’t require significant resources. In the coming weeks I will post a roadmap about what is coming down the pipe. New features Automatic synchronizations Synchronizations can be remotely triggered Synchronization performance increases, especially for large galleries Improved UI feedback during synchronizations Faster search performance ‘Embed code’ allows media objects to be added to other web sites New admin setting: Allow users to download media files but [...]

4 Jan, 2011

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.5 Released

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Version 2.4.5 of Gallery Server Pro was released today. The WPI version should be available within a week or so soon after the release of 2.4.6. A number of bugs were fixed, including a couple of important security issues. Also, a few minor features were added to enhance usability. To upgrade, follow the instructions in the Admin Guide. Security fixes Two security issues were identified and fixed: 1. Gallery admin can elevate his or her own access and that of other users. This issue is serious because it allows a user to elevate his or her permission to that of site administrator. The vulnerability exists in two locations: On the Manage Users page, a gallery administrator is able to create a new user with site administration privileges. The User Settings page allows an administrator to specify a role that all new users are automatically added to, including a role that [...]

15 Dec, 2010

2.4.4 now available through Web Platform Installer

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This morning Microsoft completed their testing of Gallery Server Pro 2.4.4 and published it to the Web Application Gallery. Thanks to Microsoft for their speedy evaluation and for supporting open source. Since Microsoft started distributing GSP a little over a year ago, the Web Platform Installer has become the most popular way to download and install the gallery, with over 100,000 downloads to date. Reviews have been solid, too, averaging 4 out of 5 stars, which is higher than any other gallery!

10 Dec, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.4 Released

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Today I released another minor set of bug fixes – hopefully the last for a while. All three flavors of GSP have been revved to 2.4.4: open source stand-alone, DotNetNuke module, and the Microsoft Web Application Gallery version. Note that the MS WAG version will be made public as soon as Microsoft finishes their quality testing – hopefully that doesn’t take more than a couple weeks. Upgrading the stand-alone version Upgrading your gallery from 2.4.X is easy: Copy the GalleryServerPro.XXXXX.dll files over the existing ones in your bin directory. Replace these files from one of the 2.4.4 compiled versions (doesn’t matter if you use the 32-bit or 64-bit version): gsscriptmediaobjectview.js gsstylesgallery.css gspagesadminmediaobjects.ascx (not necessary if upgrading from 2.4.3) Because a javascript and CSS file have been updated, you may need to force a browser refresh to pick up the changes. Usually F5 does the trick, but Firefox may require CTRL-F5. [...]

2 Dec, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.3 Released

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A number of bug fixes and a few changes to video behavior are included in this release. Download it here. At the moment only the stand-alone version has been updated to 2.4.3, but I hope to have the DotNetNuke version updated within a few days. Update: The DNN version is now updated. Upgrading your gallery from 2.4.1 or 2.4.2 is easy – just copy the GalleryServerPro.XXXXX.dll files over the existing ones in your bin directory. Use the ones in the bin directory of the download named GalleryServerPro_V2_4_3_x86.zip or GalleryServerPro_V2_4_3_x64.zip. There is one minor bug not resolved by copying the DLLs. To fix a bug that prevents you from specifying zero for the maximum upload file size (which indicates there is no restriction), there is one more file to copy. In one of the zip files mentioned above, copy the file gspagesadminmediaobjects.ascx over your existing one. New Features Added support for [...]

24 Nov, 2010

Bug fixes for 2.4.1 released

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Today I released 2.4.2, which fixes a few bugs that were found in the original 2.4.1 release. To apply, download the compiled version and copy all the GalleryServerPro.XXXXX.dll files over the existing ones in your bin directory. See below for an optional SQL update you may want to apply to your database. These bugs are fixed: Login/logout buttons disappear and Gallery Control Settings page has incorrect values May receive a KeyNotFoundException when restoring a backup file (SQLite only) Cannot restore backup file that was created from 2.4.1 SQLite database (SQL Server only) Possible NullReferenceException when running upgrade wizard ImageMagick not used for TIF images Optional SQL update for TIF processing In my last blog post I described how ImageMagick is used to generate more accurate colors for TIF images. The trigger that tells GSP to use ImageMagick is the gallery setting ImageMagickFileTypes. In the 2.4.1 release, this setting does not [...]