7 Apr, 2010

New version adds features, support for .NET 4.0, and fixes bugs

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The latest version of Gallery Server Pro fixes several bugs, adds a few minor features, and includes support for ASP.NET 4.0. Download it here. The Web Platform Installer version will be released in a week or two. There are no changes to the database schema, so upgrading is as simple as saving a copy of your web.config and galleryserverpro.config files, replacing the web files with the new ones (but don’t overwrite your SQLite database file galleryserverpro_data.sqlite), and then navigating to default.aspx?g=upgrade in your web browser. Detailed upgrade and installation instructions are in the Admin Guide. Besides fixing over a dozen bugs, this version adds the following features. Below I dig into these in more detail. Includes support for running under .NET 4.0 Added support for web archive files (.mht) Easier integration into other web applications Backup file now compressed in ZIP archive to enable faster download and uploads Files are [...]

21 Jan, 2010

Minor bug fixed by jQuery 1.4

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I am surprised I didn’t notice this before or that no one reported it, but there is a small bug in 2.3.3512 on the Manage Users page in the Site admin area. To reduce information overload when user albums are enabled, only user-created roles are shown by default on the Roles tab of the Edit User dialog window, as seen here: If you want to see ALL roles – including the ones created by GSP to manage security for user albums, then select the checkbox Show roles that support the album ownership and user album features. When you do, a little jQuery script runs that shows all of these roles. In this screen shot, two additional roles materialize out of thin air when the checkbox is selected: Or at least it does in browsers other than Internet Explorer 8. When IE8 is in the default Standards Mode, selecting the checkbox [...]

13 Aug, 2009

New Release Adds Support For Flash Video, H.264 and more

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Today I posted the latest version of Gallery Server Pro. I added support for a few more media types, included a few new features, and fixed several bugs. Get it here. Flash video and H.264 I blogged earlier about how to tweak your gallery to add support for Flash video and H.264 audio and video. Now it is included in the default installation. Note that you still have to enable the appropriate file extensions on the Media Object Types page in the Site admin area before you can add these media types. There are examples of videos in these formats in the video gallery. Hidden directories ignored during synchronization Starting with this version, any folders within the media objects directory will be ignored if it is marked as hidden. Use Windows Explorer to hide a directory, as seen here: When a directory is hidden, it is ignored by GSP [...]

23 Jun, 2009

Script error fixed in 2.3.3456

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There is a bug that appeared in Gallery Server Pro 2.3.3456 released last week. I just fixed it and updated the download packages to include it. I didn't rev the version number because that takes a few hours and this didn't seem important enough to justify the effort. This affects those of you who disable the image metadata feature, as seen here on the Media Objects - General page in the Site admin area: If you kept this option enabled (which is the default), you are not affected by the issue. When disabled, however, a javascript error occurs when you click the Next or Previous buttons as you browse an album. This is caused by a bug in the script file mediaobjectview.js. If this affects you, replace your version of this file with the latest one in one of the download packages (they all contain the same file). The file [...]

2 Jun, 2009

Update for 2.3 includes fix for security vulnerability

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Today I posted version 2.3.3440 of Gallery Server Pro. It includes a couple minor features and several bug fixes. A complete list is on the Release History page. The QuickStart Guide with instructions for upgrading is on the Download page. The most important bug fix is a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, and it affects all versions of Gallery Server Pro beginning with 2.1. Until you get a chance to upgrade to the latest version, I recommend you disable the ability to add external media objects. In the Site admin area, on the Media Objects - General page, uncheck the option as seen here:   In Depth: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability The vulnerability exists in the external media object feature. This feature, introduced in 2.1, allows one to add snippets of HTML - such as embed code for a YouTube video - as a media object. The text entered by the [...]

15 May, 2009

Gallery Server Pro 2.3 Released!

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After several months of non-stop work, I am happy to release the latest version of Gallery Server Pro! Among the thirty-three new features are: Faster, lighter, better-looking pages Zero-maintenance community galleries Improved handling of DIVX, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, Word docs and other files Support for read-only galleries Error logging Album paging Ability to download multiple items in a ZIP archive Many other usability enhancements... There were also more than forty bugs fixed in this release. I described many of the new features in a previous post, so I won't repeat myself. For a complete list of features and bugs, including detailed reports from my tracking software, go to the Release History page. Upgrading from 2.1 or 2.2 is a snap. Follow these simple steps: Make a copy of your web.config, galleryserverpro.config and galleryserverpro_data.sqlite files. Replace the files in the web application directory with the new ones (but don't delete [...]

29 Apr, 2009

Gallery Server Pro 2.3 beta released

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Today I am releasing the near-final version of Gallery Server Pro 2.3, with the full release expected by May 31. This is a significant release, with new features such as user albums, self-registration, album paging, and more. Read my previous blog entry for more details. A bonus feature not previously announced is support for changing settings in the Site Admin area in a Medium Trust environment (GoDaddy users rejoice!). Play with an online demo of 2.3 beta here. The demo has self-registration and user albums enabled. Create a new account and notice how an album is automatically created. You have administrative rights to your album but not the others. I configured it so you have read-only permissions to the rest of the gallery, but you may want to give greater or less access. For example, you can set up your gallery so that each user can only view their own [...]

17 Apr, 2009

Preview of Gallery Server Pro 2.3

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There are  number of exciting new features coming in GSP 2.3 that expand on the already robust enterprise-level capabilities in Gallery Server Pro. Your feedback has been the driving force in telling me what areas I need to focus on. Please continue using the forum to let me what can be done better, what isn't working, and - if you are so inclined - what you really like! I am targeting a release date of May 31 for 2.3. Nearly all the features and bug fixes are complete. I am now in the testing phase and working on the Upgrade Wizard. There are a few database changes which require a  SQL script, and I will make sure the Upgrade Wizard handles it all for you. This takes time but I am committed to making the path to 2.3 as robust and painless as possible. New features in 2.3: Faster, lighter [...]