13 Jan, 2009

Updated Administrator’s Guide

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I finished updating the Administrator's Guide to reflect the changes in Gallery Server Pro 2.2. This includes new sections for the upgrade wizard and integrating a gallery into your existing web site. I also proof read the rest of the document line by line, expanding topics, changing wording, clarifying sentences, and fixing typos to make things as clear as possible. One of the key benefits of Gallery Server Pro is rock solid documentation, and this guide is the best release to date! My eyes have gone buggy but you are worth it. :-) If you find that the guide does not cover a topic you want to learn about, let me know. And, as always, please tell me about any errors or typos you find.

31 Dec, 2008

Gallery Server Pro Version 2.2.3286 Released

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Today I am pleased to release version 2.2 of Gallery Server Pro. It introduces a totally revamped UI architecture that makes it much easier for developers to add a gallery into an existing ASP.NET web application. Another significant feature is support for storing media files on UNC shares, including NAS devices. There is a new Upgrade Wizard, and a handful of other new features and bug fixes, too. The database schema has not changed, so upgrading is as simple as replacing the web files and using the new Upgrade Wizard to import your web.config and galleryserverpro.config settings. Over the coming days I will update the Administrator's Guide. Until then refer to the 2.2 QuickStart Guide. Simplified integration It has always been easy to deploy GSP as a stand-alone web application, but getting it to work inside your existing web site has been difficult. That's because until 2.2, GSP consisted of [...]

1 Dec, 2008

Coming in 2.2: Improved Integration With Existing Web Sites

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The next version of Gallery Server Pro, expected within a month or so, will have an improved UI architecture that will simplify the integration with your existing web site. Although I took advantage of .NET 2.0 techniques such as master pages and themes in GSP 2.0 and 2.1, in practice it has been difficult for developers to add an instance of Gallery Server Pro into an existing web application. This is primarily because an existing site already has an architecture that may include master pages, themes, navigation bar, and header and footer areas. Developers have achieved the look of integration by including GSP in an iframe or by copying their master page into GSP's master page. Neither of these is true integration as GSP still runs as a separate web application in IIS. For 2.2, I refactored the user interface so that all functionality is wrapped in a single ASP.NET [...]