10 Apr, 2014

Show high-resolution image during slideshow

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You can view a slideshow in an album by clicking the Play slideshow button that appears above an image: By default, the slideshow scales to use the entire browser window to show the web-optimized version of the image, as seen below. For most people, the web-optimized version is preferred over the original. It’s a much smaller amount of data sent to the browser (around 50 KB instead of 3,000-20,000 KB). This results in faster loading pages, less bandwidth requirements, and greater ability to scale. But some of you may prefer to see the high resolution originals. You want to see the full detail in your photographs and aren’t concerned about the larger size travelling across the wire. Well, here’s an easy edit to make it happen. Open gsscriptgallery.min.js in a text editor. Look for this text: Gsp.getView(j, Gsp.Constants.ViewSize_Optimized) Change it to this: Gsp.getView(j, Gsp.Constants.ViewSize_Original) Save and close the file. Hit [...]