6 Aug, 2013

Make the Silverlight XAML files play nice with your Visual Studio web app

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Today I was building a web application with an embedded gallery when I hit a snag that wasted an hour of my time. The fix turned out to be simple so I decided to write it up to save you the same grief. The issue only affects developers adding a gallery to an existing website using Visual Studio. To make deployment easier, I had grabbed the compiled version of GSP and added all the files in the gs directory to a gs directory in my web application. When I compiled the project, I was met with this error: “Project file must include the .NET Framework assembly 'PresentationCore, PresentationFramework' in the reference list.” I dutifully added project references to PresentationCore.dll and PresentationFramework.dll and tried again. This time I got 84 errors, all of which had one of these two messages: “The tag 'Canvas' does not exist in XML namespace ''.” “Each [...]

20 Jul, 2009

Play H.264 video and audio with Silverlight

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Now that Silverlight 3 is out, with its new support for H.264 audio and video, several of you have been wondering how to play these files in Gallery Server Pro. I took a few minutes to look into this today, and it turned out to be really easy. Adding support is as simple as making a few edits to galleryserverpro.config. Here is what a H.264 video - with a file extension of .mp4 - looks like when played in Silverlight within Gallery Server Pro: This works even if you are still using .NET 2.0 on the web server. The next release of Gallery Server Pro will include support for this, but until then you can follow these directions to get it working in 2.3: Note that I assume your H.264 files use the .mp4 and .m4a file extensions. They will need some adjustment if you use other extensions. Open gsconfiggalleryserverpro.config [...]

9 Feb, 2009

Cool Tip: Skinning the media player

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Gallery Server Pro uses Silverlight to provide a rich user experience for all media types that Silverlight currently supports. In Silverlight 2, that includes Windows Media Video (.wmv), Windows Media Audio (.wma), MP3 audio (.mp3), Advanced Streaming Format (.asf), and Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx) files. Future versions of Silverlight are expected to add even more. There are several skins available that allow you to change the appearance and function of the player control. By default, the AudioGray skin is for audio and Professional is used for video:   Gallery Server Pro includes eight different skins. A skin is a .xaml file and is stored in the gsskinsmediaplayer directory. Here is a quick preview of all the skins: Basic (Basic.xaml) Lightweight .xaml file. Does not include any visible controls. Start/pause a video by clicking it with the mouse.   Simple (Simple.xaml) Does not include borders just like the Basic skin, but [...]