31 Mar, 2014

Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module History and Roadmap

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Gallery Server Pro has been available as a DotNetNuke module since 2.4.0 was released in 2010. Subsequent releases of Gallery Server Pro have always had a corresponding DNN module release…until 3.0 was released in June 2013. Version 3 was a significant release, introducing—among other things—a new data layer built on Entity Framework Code First Migrations 5.0. Using EF CF Migrations greatly simplified data access, as we no longer had to maintain separate code bases for each database technology (that is, SQL Server and SQL CE). However, EF CF Migrations had a limitation that was incompatible with DNN—one could have only one migration model per database. Since the GSP module shared its data access with a variety of other modules as well as the DNN core, it would be asking for trouble for the module to assume it could have the only allowed migration model in the database. But there was [...]

22 Apr, 2011

Gallery Server Pro Roadmap

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I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback in the poll about the future of Gallery Server Pro – keep on voting! I am particularly pleased that the two lowest vote-getters are “improve performance” and “improve reliability”. That tells me you think Gallery Server Pro is fast and robust. I spent a lot of time getting it there, so it is gratifying to see some objective confirmation. Based on those results and my internal spidey sense, here is where I see the upcoming versions and features working out. This is rough and can and will change, but at this moment it is my best guess. 2.4.7 (Released April 21, 2011) All known issues in the 2.4.X code base are fixed and the product is stable and performing well. 2.5 (June 2011) Migrate the code base to .NET 4.0. Replace the SQLite data provider with SQL Server CE 4.0. This will allow [...]

15 May, 2008

Gallery Server Pro Roadmap

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I recently put together my development roadmap and wanted to publish it to keep everyone in the loop. Many of the new features came from your suggestions in the Features Request forum. Keep 'em coming! There are no guarantees that I will stay on schedule or that the final features and bug fixes will match what I have here, but this is my best guess at the moment. I welcome help from anyone who wants to lend a hand - feel free to tackle any of these issues or brainstorm your own improvements. Just make sure you coordinate with me so we don't step on each other's toes. The number by each item is my internal tracking number. Refer to this if you contact me about one of them. Version 2.1 (due August 2008) New features Create SQLite provider and make it the default data store. This removes the dependence [...]