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4 Mar, 2015

Reduce your gallery’s drive space requirements up to 99%

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When you add a media asset to your gallery, Gallery Server creates a thumbnail and web-optimized file that is used for most gallery activities. For example, clicking the thumbnail image in an album shows the web-optimized version, not the original. By default, web-optimized images are about 640 px on the longest side and - for JPG images - created with a compression quality setting of 70 (you can change this on the Media Objects - Images page). A typical web-optimized image is about 30-70 KB regardless of the size of the original image. It is common for today's digital cameras to produce files that are 8MB and even higher. That's huge, so it's highly beneficial to use the smaller file whenever possible. It downloads and renders quickly and uses far less bandwidth and server resources than the original would have. The original still exists on the server and can be downloaded through [...]

19 Nov, 2013

Gallery Server Pro 3.1.0 Released

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Today we released 3.1.0, containing a number of significant new features along with a few bug fixes. The features are: Improved quality of web-optimized videos Images generated up to 3 times faster Auto-rotation of images and videos Synchronization up to 300% faster and uses less server memory Easier Active Directory setup and integration Improved performance for large numbers of user accounts On-demand rotation of videos Support for 3GP videos This release is a free upgrade to 3.0 license holders. Upgrading is easy – just copy the files from the upgrade package over your existing web application. Installations and upgrades for other scenarios are in the Administrator’s Guide. Video Improvements When the Gallery Server Pro Binary Pack is installed, web-optimized versions of video files are created when you upload a file or the synchronization determines that an optimized video is needed. GSP 3.0.X created H.264 MP4 files that were highly compressed, [...]

23 Nov, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4 Released

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After several tireless months, last Friday I released the newest version of Gallery Server Pro. There is a new set of options for controlling the look and feel of the gallery, support for multiple galleries, new HTML 5 and CSS capabilities, performance improvements, and dozens of bug fixes. Download it here. The source code is also available and can be opened in any version of Visual Studio 2005 or higher. The Microsoft Web Application Gallery version will be available in a few weeks. I also need to update the Admin Guide. Until then, I put together a QuickStart Guide. Side note: Since this version is nearly identical to the commercial DotNetNuke module, some of this blog post is copied from a previous entry. New features covered in this post: Auto slide show and other UI customizations Multiple galleries New concept: gallery administrator Video thumbnails Thumbnails from more file types More [...]