1 Mar, 2012

Video and audio in Win8/IE10 Metro

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Yesterday Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta), so I downloaded it and installed it on my laptop. One of the first things I did was use the new Metro interface to look at how Gallery Server Pro looked in Internet Explorer 10. Overall, things looked great until I tried to view one of the videos in the demo gallery: That really wasn’t a surprise since the browser templates in GSP are configured to use either Flash or Silverlight for video and audio in IE. However, Microsoft has decided not to support any plug-ins in IE10 when running in Metro. (Plug-ins *are* supported when IE is running in desktop mode.) Instead, Microsoft is encouraging use of native HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags for media. That is great, except out of the box IE only supports H.264 (MP4) for video and MP3/AAC for audio. Any other video or audio format, [...]

17 Mar, 2011

Better looking galleries in IE9

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Gallery Server Pro makes extensive use of rounded corners and drop shadows to make a great looking gallery. While other browsers have supported these features for a while, IE has lagged behind. Now I am pleased to report that IE has finally caught up! After you upgrade to IE9 your galleries will suddenly look a little more awesome. For example, here is a typical album as seen in IE8: Now the same album in IE9: The thumbnail images, the frame, and the paging controls all have nice rounded corners, and the images have a nice drop shadow effect. When you click an image, this is what IE8 will show: The same image in IE9: Astute observers will notice that the IE8 screen shots *do* have a drop shadow similar to the IE9 shots. That is because years ago I decided I couldn’t wait for IE to add drop shadow support, [...]

23 Mar, 2009

(Nearly) perfect compatibility with Internet Explorer 8

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Internet Explorer 8 was released last Thursday, so I installed it and crossed my fingers as I fired up Gallery Server Pro. What would it look like? There has been a lot of talk about how IE8 defaults to a standards-compatible mode that breaks a lot of existing web sites. But I was hopeful since I built GSP to be XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, which should provide maximum forward compatibility. And that proved to be true. All of the HTML I wrote worked perfectly in IE8. Woo HOO! This proves the power of web standards and why it is important to develop against the standards instead of against one or two specific browsers. I am also pleased that Microsoft defaults to standards mode - that should make future upgrades go smoothly. I wish the story ended here. Did you notice the qualification in what I wrote: "All of the HTML [...]