3 Oct, 2013

Add a comment engine to your gallery in less than a minute

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The new UI Templates feature in Gallery Server Pro 3 lets you modify the look and behavior of a gallery using only HTML and JavaScript skills. This opens up a wide variety of opportunities to customize the gallery to your requirements. One example is the e-commerce demo site, which was created by changing a few settings and playing with the UI templates. A frequent request is to allow comments on media objects. We may someday add this as native functionality, but there is an excellent alternative today that may be even better depending on your scenario. Facebook provides a comment widget that provides full commenting ability, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. When enabled, every media object has its own comment thread. Here is what it looks like (live demo here): Enterprise Edition makes it easy The Enterprise Edition of Gallery Server Pro includes two Facebook templates – [...]

1 Apr, 2013

Add a PayPal shopping cart and Facebook to your gallery in 10 minutes

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Probably the most exciting feature in 3.0 is the template engine that generates the UI from jsRender templates. They are easy to modify and don’t require .NET or C# programming experience. This feature gives you the power and flexibility to mold the gallery experience to fit your website requirements and UI style guidelines. There is a lot to write on this topic, but let’s start with a demonstration to show how easy it is. We’ll customize a default installation of the 3.0 beta to add these features: Add a Facebook ‘Like’ button for every gallery item. Add the Facebook comment widget to allow discussions for each gallery item. Add PayPal ‘Add to cart’ and ‘View cart’ widgets to let users add gallery items to a shopping cart and manage them. When users are ready to complete their purchase, they use the secure payment process provided by PayPal. PayPal notifies the [...]

10 Mar, 2011

Add the Facebook comment widget to your gallery

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[2015-01-19 - This post is obsolete. See Add a comment engine to your gallery in less than a minute for the technique used in v3+.] One of the frequent requests I get is the ability for users to comment on photos and other media objects. I am considering adding this feature – in fact, it is one of the items you can vote for in the poll I am running. But today I discovered a technique for incorporating the Facebook comment widget right into your gallery. I enabled this feature on an album in the demo site so you can see for yourself. Feel free to leave a comment on one or more photos – I’ll purge them periodically. This is not for everyone. Users need a Facebook account, and it is a little tricky to set up and maintain. For these reasons, I am reluctant to add this as a [...]