29 May, 2014

Migrate your DNN gallery to 3.2

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Back in March we announced there will be no further releases of the Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module. Since that time a number of you have asked about migrating your DNN gallery to a stand-alone instance of Gallery Server Pro. Some of the data in the DNN gallery is specific to DNN, so we can’t use the built-in migration path. But a few days ago a customer running clockdoc.org hired me to migrate the data, so I was able to dig into the details about what was involved. It’s actually pretty easy so I thought I’d write up the steps so you can migrate your own DNN gallery. As an alternative, you can hire me to do the migration. See the end for details. Start by logging in to your DNN gallery and turning off the auto sync feature if enabled (it’s on the Albums page in the site admin [...]

31 Mar, 2014

Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module History and Roadmap

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Gallery Server Pro has been available as a DotNetNuke module since 2.4.0 was released in 2010. Subsequent releases of Gallery Server Pro have always had a corresponding DNN module release…until 3.0 was released in June 2013. Version 3 was a significant release, introducing—among other things—a new data layer built on Entity Framework Code First Migrations 5.0. Using EF CF Migrations greatly simplified data access, as we no longer had to maintain separate code bases for each database technology (that is, SQL Server and SQL CE). However, EF CF Migrations had a limitation that was incompatible with DNN—one could have only one migration model per database. Since the GSP module shared its data access with a variety of other modules as well as the DNN core, it would be asking for trouble for the module to assume it could have the only allowed migration model in the database. But there was [...]

1 Aug, 2011

Patch updated for DotNetNuke 6 bug

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DotNetNuke 6.0.0, released a couple weeks ago, contains significant UI updates and new features. Gallery Server Pro is fully compatible with this release except for one issue I fixed today. Clicking the Browse button on the Add objects page doesn’t show the file open dialog box. Instead, nothing happens. This occurs only for IE9 users in standards mode; in compatibility mode – and for other browsers – it works fine. I had to dig into the ComponentArt source code to fix the javascript for the Upload control. ComponentArt had some IE-specific code for calculating the position of elements on the screen. IE9 changes how they are calculated, resulting in a broken browse button. The fix was easy enough – just an extra condition in one of the functions to alter behavior based on whether IE is in compatibility or standards mode. I updated the patch to include the fixed ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll. [...]

29 Nov, 2010

50% Off DotNetNuke Module Ends November 30

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To celebrate the inaugural release of the Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module, I am offering 50% off the Enterprise Edition until November 30. That is tomorrow! Grab it now. The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Professional version, plus the source code you can inspect and modify.

8 Nov, 2010

Gallery Server Pro A DotNetNuke Best Seller!

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Wow. Less than a month after releasing the DotNetNuke version of Gallery Server Pro, it has landed on the best seller list on snowcovered.com! OK, sure, it’s number 87, but when you consider there are more than 10,000 modules to compete with, you have to admit that is pretty good. Thanks to all of you use and love Gallery Server Pro. There are more great things to come!

26 Oct, 2010

Free license to all donors!

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I am continually amazed that there are people who support Gallery Server Pro with donations. It is so easy to just grab a product key and skip the donation, but many of you take the extra time and send a few of your hard-earned bucks my way. I still can’t quite pay my bills with it, but it gets me most of the way there. I want you to know how much I appreciate it, so with my best Oprah voice, I now announce “You get a license! And you get a license! Every donor gets a license!” A couple hours ago I sent out hundreds of e-mails – one to every person who has ever donated to Gallery Server Pro. In that e-mail I included a coupon code for a free license for the Professional Edition of the new Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module. If for some reason you [...]

12 Oct, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module Released

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For several years users have asked for a DotNetNuke version of Gallery Server Pro. Today we reach the culmination of more than a year of work – the immediately availability of Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module! You can now have a gallery in your DNN site that efficiently and easily manages any file type, including photos, video, audio, and documents. Play with a live demo. Download a fully functioning, 30-day trial version here. Then grab the QuickStart Guide. Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module features all the benefits of the stand-alone version of Gallery Server Pro, plus several new ones for 2.4: Customizable user interface Optional treeview navigation Thumbnails extracted from video, PDF, HTML, TXT and EPS files Multiple galleries HTML5 support for <video> and <audio> tag CSS rounded corners and shadows IE9 users receive CSS rounded corners/shadows, while older versions use fallback technique Improved .NET 4 support Reorganized [...]

29 Sep, 2010

Release Candidate Available for DotNetNuke Module

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Today I am making available the Release Candidate for the Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module. It is stable, tested, and functionally complete. It also contains a number of new features not included in the beta released last month. Read my earlier blog post for background information and installation instructions. Even if you are not interested in the DotNetNuke version, the next version of GSP will also contain these features, so keep reading. The demo site shows off the major features and even allows you to upload and manage files for testing purposes: Beta users: If you used the beta, you must uninstall the module before installing the release candidate. The media files will not be deleted when uninstalling, but you will lose the captions and other data stored in the tables. I anticipate – but cannot promise – a smooth upgrade to the general release that does not involve [...]

20 Aug, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module Beta Released

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Today I am excited to announce the immediate availability of a beta version of the Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module. It is based on the same code architecture as the regular version of Gallery Server Pro, which means all the great features you love are now available in a module that runs natively inside a DotNetNuke web application. In addition, version 2.4 brings some great new features such as thumbnail generation for videos, PDF, EPS, text and Photoshop (PSD) files. The module works in all versions of DotNetNuke 5.0.0 and higher. Download the beta here. It is fully functional with no expiration. Later in this post I will walk you through the installation process. I will quickly point out that uninstalling the module completely removes all traces of it, including the database tables. Note, however, that any media files you added to the gallery will remain in the default [...]