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Create beautiful galleries accessible anywhere

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Get your photos and videos online

Think it’s complicated? Not any more. Gallery Server synchronizes with your existing photos and videos to automatically build an online gallery.

It even detects when you add files to make sure your gallery is always up to date. There’s nothing to manage – we do all the hard lifting.

Your photos and videos want to be shared with your friends, family, and customers. Now it’s easy to unlock them.

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Free open source media web server

Yup, you heard right. Gallery Server is free, open source photo gallery software licensed under the GPL.

How can we give it away for free? Well, we have a commercial version, too. Buy that if you want (we love it when you do), but we’re tickled when we hear about any version of Gallery Server helping people.

Sounds sweet! Show me a demo
We use Gallery Server for a digital archiving system managing a huge quantity of photos and documents. We love the system for its splendid functionality, its flexibility and transparency. When necessary it can be easily adapted to meet specific local requirements. The documentation is superb. The developers are always there to provide support and advice.
Jan van Harten, VH Computer Consult