New HTML editor makes rich text editing a breeze

New HTML editor makes rich text editing a breeze

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Gallery Server 4.0 introduces a brand new, tinyeMCE-based HTML editor that gives you a familiar interface for rich text editing. This makes it easier to add descriptions with headings, bullet lists, links and more.

Overview of new HTML editor in Gallery Server 4.0


The HTML editor is available in all editions except for Gallery Server Free. It even works in the 30-day trial.

Using the editor is easy. Click anywhere in the text and it changes to an inline editor.

Click property value to activate HTML editor


Use the toolbar icons to adjust the formatting. For example, make a hyperlink by highlighting the text and hitting CTRL-K or clicking the hyperlink toolbar icon.

Hyperlink editor in the new HTML editor


When your edit is complete, hit tab or click outside the editor area to save. If you want to cancel your changes, hit the escape key. There is also an undo manager and a source editor for accessing the underlying HTML. The source editor is particularly useful if you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and want fine-grained control over the generated text.

By default, only the caption uses the new HTML editor. The other properties use a plain text editor. However, you can change this behavior on the Metadata page on the Settings ribbon tab. Each click in the Editable column cycles between three states: Off (not editable), plain text editor, and HTML editor. Here you can see the default settings of using the HTML editor for the caption and the plain text editor for the other properties.

See editing options on the Metadata page


Want to use the HTML editor for the title property? Update the Metadata page so that the HTML editor is configured for the title property, and viola!:

Use the HTML editor for the title


It also works when editing the title in the center pane:

Using the HTML editor for the title in the center pane


It is important to note that the HTML editor respects the HTML settings assigned on your User Settings page:

HTML & JavaScript settings on User Settings page

Site and gallery administrators are always allowed to enter any HTML and JavaScript, even when these settings are disabled. Users with lesser permission can enter HTML and JavaScript only if allowed in these settings. If you have HTML disabled (which is the default) and a less-privileged user invokes the HTML editor on a media asset, Gallery Server will strip away any HTML when the user saves her changes.

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