What is Gallery Server?

What is Gallery Server? 2016-12-13T09:55:04+00:00


It’s a browser-based gallery for your media files

Gallery Server Logo

Gallery Server Logo

  • Affordable. Powerful features of high-priced DAM software at a fraction of the price.

  • Built for millions of files and unlimited users.

 Who uses Gallery Server?



  • Product catalog – Create a public facing web gallery with product photos, videos, and more
  • Project gallery – Manage and share digital assets for projects. Flexible security lets you decide who has access
  • Customer-specific albums – Create secure, sandboxed albums for individual customers
  • Digital asset management – Sales, marketing, and engineering teams use Gallery Server to manage and share digital assets

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  • Student galleries – zero maintenance, sandboxed space for students to store any file
  • Professor/teacher galleries – Post lectures, photos and videos for student or administration consumption

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Nonprofits, HOA’s & Communities

  • Build a community – Clubs, sports teams, committees, and others have a common space for viewing and sharing photos, videos, and other files
  • Churches and missions – Enhance your community with media sharing
  • Promotion – Showcase galas, fundraisers, volunteers and other activities
  • Social engagement – Support for Facebook likes and the Facebook comment engine

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  • Geneology & history – Share historical family photos with relatives
  • Kids & vacations – Unlock those memories trapped on your hard drive
  • Archive & management – Tag and organize with efficient and fast UI

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  • Beautiful galleries – Modern styling and a dark theme highlight the colors in photographs and videos
  • No duplication – Galleries can be based on your existing repository of files. No need to create a time consuming, data hogging copy.
  • High resolution support – One click access to the original, high resolution media file
  • Tag once, read anywhere – Edits to titles, captions and tags are stored in file metadata (requires Home & Nonprofit or higher)
  • E-commerce – Sell your photos and videos with built in PayPal integration E-commerce demo (requires Enterprise or higher)

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We would love to chat with you. Use the contact form, forum, or give us a call at 920-397-9810.

We use Gallery Server for a digital archiving system managing a huge quantity of photos and documents. We love the system for its splendid functionality, its flexibility and transparency. When necessary it can be easily adapted to meet specific local requirements. The documentation is superb. The developers are always there to provide support and advice.
Jan van Harten, VH Computer Consult