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Gallery Server Support

Have questions or need help? We’ve got you covered.


The forum is the best place for quick answers.

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Gallery Server API Documentation

Gallery Server API Documentation

Documentation for the namespaces and classes used in Gallery Server.

The Administrator’s Guide also has some good stuff for developers, like info on integrating a gallery into an existing site.

Gallery Server API Documentation

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Satisfied Customers

We use Gallery Server for a digital archiving system managing a huge quantity of photos and documents. We love the system for its splendid functionality, its flexibility and transparency. When necessary it can be easily adapted to meet specific local requirements. The documentation is superb. The developers are always there to provide support and advice.
Jan van Harten, VH Computer Consult
I’ve been using Gallery Server since 1.0 and find it to be the best gallery sharing software available and at an exceptional price. This is a quality product with a rich and robust feature set. Also, you are very quick to provide support.
William Morgan, Code Blue Computing