Gallery Server Pro 3.2.1 Released

Gallery Server Pro 3.2.1 Released

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Today we released 3.2.1, which contains a small set of bug fixes and a couple minor behavior changes. There are no changes to web.config or the skins, so upgrading from 3.2.0 is as easy as copying the files from the upgrade package over the existing files in your gallery. Instructions for upgrading other versions are in the Admin Guide.

Bug fixes

  • Left pane UI template partially updated during upgrade
  • Parent nodes in the tree cannot be unchecked in certain cases
  • Quotation marks in user and role names cause trouble
  • Page scrolls to top when dialog auto-closes

The first two bug fixes were added to the 3.2.0 packages as soon as they were identified (May 19 and May 23, respectively), so they may already be fixed in your installation of Gallery Server Pro.

More details about the bug fixes are in this report.

Behavior changes

Remove confirmation message after drag and drop sorting

Drag and drop sorting was added in 3.2.0. When you finish dragging the thumbnail, the new position is sent to the server and a confirmation message is displayed. Some users found the confirmation message annoyingly repetitive, especially when you factor in the bug where the screen auto-scrolled to the top when the message disappeared. Although we fixed that bug in this release, we agree that the message is unnecessary, so we removed it.

Prevent UI template changes to the default template

This is a behavior change that might catch some of you by surprise. Starting with 3.2.1, you can no longer save changes to any UI template with the name ‘Default’, except for selecting which albums the template applies to. If you want to edit a template, first make a copy and apply your changes to that. There are two reasons for this change:

  1. Allow reverting to the default template – By forcing you to make your changes to copies, you always have a default template to revert to.
  2. Allow template upgrades – Newer versions of Gallery Server Pro routinely require modifications to one or more UI templates. This is typically done through a search and replace on a particular string. However, if a user has modified the template, the search may not find a match, causing the template to not be upgraded. This can leave the user with a broken gallery and no easy way to fix things. By preserving the integrity of the default templates, we can be assured they upgrade correctly during an upgrade. And if you are using a modified template, you can refer to the default template to identify changes and merge them with your custom template.

View the official feature change report for 3.2.1.

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