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Gallery Server box graphicGet a free license to the $249 Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit edition

We’re big fans of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. They are a committed, friendly group of professionals who share the same goals as us — helping folks organize their media collections.

Gallery Server is pleased to support APPO and the photo organizing community. If you are a current APPO member, we’ll give you a free license to the current version of Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit. You get a powerful management tool for photos and videos that doubles as a web gallery for publicly sharing your media collection with friends and family on the internet.

How to claim this offer

  1. Use the contact form to send us proof of your current APPO membership. Acceptable forms of proof include a screenshot of your APPO membership page.
  2. We’ll send you a coupon code you can use to purchase one license for Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit at no cost.
  3. Your license is perpetual and includes releases for one year. To continue receiving updates after one year, do nothing and you will automatically be renewed for an additional year at a discounted amount. To prevent this automatic payment, cancel your subscription any time after purchase. Even after cancellation, you are entitled to new releases for one year and can perpetually use your licensed copy for as long as you wish.

What is Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit?

Designed for home users, nonprofits, and small businesses, Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit is a media management tool and public web gallery for your photos, videos, audio files and documents.

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How is it different than Flickr, Instagram, Google Photos, and other social media sites?

Gallery Server addresses a different market than these hosted media sites. They require you to upload your media files to their servers and have some limitations:

  • They don’t store the original file or may charge you extra to do so.
  • Inability to update the original file’s metadata. For example, you may spend hours tagging your photos, but you’ll lose that hard work if you move to another system.
  • Ads and upsells
  • Limited management functions
  • Limited security options
  • Limited or no ability to brand or customize the look and feel
  • Limited or no access to batch download your assets
  • Limited or no FTP access
  • Limited or no ability to use your locally stored media library as the master.

Gallery Server doesn’t have these limitations. It is a web application you install on your web server. Point it at your existing media files and you get an easy-to-use online gallery with robust management abilities, metadata writing, high resolution viewer, and more.

Certainly, social media sharing sites are the right choice for many people, especially those who have no interest in managing their own website. But for folks serious about their media collections, Gallery Server is a great solution.

How is it different than Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom is an excellent photo organizer and we heartily recommend it. Gallery Server is entirely web-based, combining a robust management tool with an interactive online gallery. While Lightroom offers some web functionality, they are limited compared to Gallery Server. Get these benefits with Gallery Server:

  • Access all functionality from any browser on any device
  • Supports any file format. Web-friendly versions are automatically created when necessary (RAW images, AVI videos and more)
  • Your edits, additions, etc are immediately accessible. No publishing or duplicating of media files.
  • Flexible security and permissions. For example, set up a family genealogy gallery and let family members contribute content and edits.
  • User albums — Give users their own gallery to manage and share
  • Powerful searching

Some people combine the two, using Lightroom to manage their collection and Gallery Server to show it off to the world.


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