Did you know you can change your file names?

Did you know you can change your file names?

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This is one of those hidden gems in Gallery Server Pro that is not widely known but can be really handy. You can modify the underlying file name of any media object through the gallery UI.

You already know you can edit several attributes of your media assets in the right pane. The common ones are title, caption, and tags, but any property can be editable. In a default gallery, the file name is visible and read only:


To make the file name editable, go to the Metadata page in the site admin area. Find the row for the FileName property and check the box to make it editable. Note that there is a quirk in the jQuery grid widget that requires you to tab *out* of the cell before saving, so be sure it has the green check mark when you save.


That’s it. Notice you can now edit the file name for any asset:


Changing the file name updates it in two places – the Metadata table in the database and the file system on the server’s hard drive. This can be handy for cleaning up those ridiculous names that come out of your camera.

A few things to note. If you pick a name that is already used by another file in the directory, Gallery Server Pro will automatically tweak it until it is unique. For example, the name MyPhoto.jpg may become MyPhoto(1).jpg.

The names of the thumbnail and web-optimized versions are not updated. Not a big deal for the thumbnail version but the optimized file name is used when you are downloading the image:


This might be a bit of a nuisance, so I plan to correct this in a future version.

Another thing is when you are running a gallery in read-only mode (i.e. the option ‘Media files are read only’ is selected on the Media Objects – General page), the file name is not changed on the hard drive. The meta property, however, is updated, since that is just a database value. This might cause some confusion, so I’m guessing those of you with read only galleries will want to leave this property read only.

Lastly, this trick applies only to the FileName metadata property. A related one – FileNameWithoutExtension – does not persist changes back to the server’s hard drive. It only updates the database value, just like the vast majority of the other properties.

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  1. Chris Csanyi August 20, 2014 at 9:58 am

    Question about Tags. I can see the file name change working but it does not seem to work with other fields on the file. Tags is the one I am concerned about or trying to figure why it does not write back from the website to the file.

  2. Roger Martin August 21, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Metadata is not written back to the file, but this is a high priority for the next major version. Stay tuned.

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