9 Dec, 2018

Gallery Server transitioning to 100% free open source model

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A brief history of Gallery Server Gallery Server began in 2003 when I took a few months off of work to travel the United States with my new bride. I wanted to share photos of our trip so I thought I would throw something together with the newly released .NET Framework and enhance my programming skills at the same time. I was really happy with how it turned out, so I released it as a 100% free, open source product in 2005. It wasn't long before I added a donate button on the website and started getting donations. For several years, I sent a free Dilbert book to anyone who donated $50 or more. This donation model brought in around $500 - $1000 a month. It was really satisfying to give the product away and let folks pay whatever amount they valued the software. But $1000 a month is essentially [...]

4 Jul, 2018

4.4.3 Released

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Today we released 4.4.3. It’s a minor update, containing a few bug fixes and no new features. Applying it to your 4.X installation is easy — just copy the files from the upgrade package over your existing installation. There are no web.config changes to merge and you don't have to worry about the version_key.txt file or your license information. Get the upgrade package from your downloads page. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, follow the instructions in the Admin Guide. These are the bugs that are fixed. More details are available on the release history page. Error "Value does not fall within the expected range" when adding image Cannot assign an album owner when the user name contains an ampersand Error when unassigning user as an album owner PrincipalServerDownException when using the AD group provider

7 Feb, 2018

4.4.2 dramatically improves performance in multi-gallery scenarios

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Today we are releasing Gallery Server 4.4.2. As with the 4.4.1 release, we continue to focus on performance. Upgrading from 4.X is as easy as copying the files from the upgrade package over your existing files. Performance gains One of our customers, Reto Ambühler in Switzerland, was experiencing large wait times for several common editing scenarios, such as adding an album and creating a role. There was also a significant startup time for the gallery. He generously shared his database with us. It contained 64 galleries, 1403 albums, and 53,000 media assets. We were able to reproduce his performance issues. For example, browsing to a new album took 55 seconds, deleting an album took 38 seconds, and deleting 10 empty albums took a staggering 6 minutes and 22 seconds! Most customers do not experience such poor performance, even with several times more media assets. His scenario was unique because he had a [...]

5 Jan, 2018

4.4.1 improves performance and fixes important bugs

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Today we are releasing Gallery Server 4.4.1. While it includes no new features, it improves performance in several key areas and fixes a few important bugs. We recommend migrating to it immediately, especially since upgrading from 4.X is as easy as copying the files from the upgrade package over your existing files. Performance gains We spent a lot of time profiling Gallery Server, looking for performance bottlenecks in various configurations, from small galleries using SQL CE to large, multiple gallery environments with 1,000,000 assets. We found several opportunities were we could more narrowly purge the cache after certain changes, thereby preventing Gallery Server from having to reload data that didn't actually change. Gallery Server uses an in-memory cache to store a list of galleries and all the album IDs in each. This is expensive to rebuild, especially because reloading it causes a validation routine to run that ensure the integrity [...]

28 Aug, 2017

Just Released: 4.4 gets updated HTML editor and other goodies

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Gallery Server 4.4 is now out of development and in your hands. We updated the tinyMCE HTML editor to the latest version, taking it from 4.5.3 to 4.6.5. This tinyMCE update includes dozens of bug fixes and several new features. A complete list can be seen here: https://www.tinymce.com/docs/changelog/ New feature: Share asset URL We updated the share dialog to include a link directly to the media asset file: This URL is a direct link to your JPG, video, etc. This differs from the page URL, which is a link to the web page containing the media asset. Use the asset URL any time you want to refer to the media asset without the chrome and distraction of the Gallery Server web page. The URL will point to the version of the asset that is currently active in the View ribbon tab. That is, when optimized is selected, the URL will [...]

10 Jan, 2017

Another happy Gallery Server customer

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We love it when customers take the time to give us feedback, regardless of whether it's positive or negative. Today I thought I'd share a compliment we received yesterday from Tom Slaughter at Earth Oasis Computers. The ability to edit the original file metadata is AWESOME. I’ve been playing with it and am so happy I upgraded!! Thanks, Tom!

26 Apr, 2016

New HTML editor makes rich text editing a breeze

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Gallery Server 4.0 introduces a brand new, tinyeMCE-based HTML editor that gives you a familiar interface for rich text editing. This makes it easier to add descriptions with headings, bullet lists, links and more.   The HTML editor is available in all editions except for Gallery Server Free. It even works in the 30-day trial. Using the editor is easy. Click anywhere in the text and it changes to an inline editor.   Use the toolbar icons to adjust the formatting. For example, make a hyperlink by highlighting the text and hitting CTRL-K or clicking the hyperlink toolbar icon.   When your edit is complete, hit tab or click outside the editor area to save. If you want to cancel your changes, hit the escape key. There is also an undo manager and a source editor for accessing the underlying HTML. The source editor is particularly useful if you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and [...]

1 Mar, 2016

Google is retiring Picasa

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I was bummed to hear that Google recently announced it is discontinuing Picasa. That is bad news to many of us who use it to organize and tag our photos. It is easy to use and supports writing meta properties to the original file, allowing other applications - such as Gallery Server - to extract and display them. Google wants to focus on Google Photos, which is understandable because it doesn't really make sense to continue supporting a competing technology. But Google Photos has it's downsides, like limited tagging and property editing, not to mention how you have to pay for storage if you go beyond the free amount. Frankly, I don't use it except as an online backup. I prefer to use a tool that I can install on my own hardware and will give me complete control over my media collection. Which I guess is why I created Gallery Server all those years ago. [...]

19 Oct, 2015

Native support for Nikon NEF and Canon CR2 RAW files

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Recently a potential customer was kicking the tires of Gallery Server and noticed they weren't getting thumbnail or web-optimized images from the raw NEF photos taken by their Nikon cameras. In fact, they couldn't even add a NEF file to the gallery unless they selected the 'allow all file types' option on the Media Object Types page. They asked if this could be improved, so we dug into it and found there were actually two different ways to get great NEF support, including image generation, with just a bit of configuration. We believe the first technique will work for other file types, too, such as Canon CR2 and other RAW file formats. At the end we touch on this and describe where we're headed.   FIRST - Add the NEF mime type Regardless of the method you choose, the first thing you need to do is tell Gallery Server that files with the [...]

8 May, 2015

Get up and running with Active Directory integration

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Out of the box Gallery Server uses a self-contained set of user accounts, exposing functionality for adding, editing, and removing them in a set of admin pages. This works great when you want to keep them separate or your gallery is primarily used by anonymous users. But in many cases you want to integrate with an existing set of users, whether they're in a home-grown user table, a 3rd party membership system, or Active Directory. All these scenarios are possible because Gallery Server uses the provider model for storing users and roles. Just drop in a DLL containing a membership-compatible class in the bin directory, update web.config to point to it, and you're all set. In this post we'll focus on configuring a gallery to use Active Directory for membership. For other scenarios, check out the Membership Configuration section in the Administrator's Guide. If you're not familiar with the ASP.NET Membership Provider model, [...]