23 May, 2014

Tree bug fixed in latest build of 3.2.0

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This afternoon we noticed an issue with using the jQuery jsTree widget in 3.2.0. This widget is used in several places in Gallery Server Pro – basically anywhere we need to display a tree of data we use jsTree. The issue is that when you select all the children of a node, the parents are automatically selected as well. For example, you might want to create a role with all edit permissions but no admin privileges. This bug caused the Admin gallery and Admin site nodes to be selected when all the children were selected, with no way to de-select them: This is actually the intended behavior of the jsTree widget, as I suppose it is the behavior you want in most cases. But not us. You need to select the children while leaving the parent unchecked if you so choose. If you want to select the parent, fine, but [...]

19 May, 2014

Missing UI template update in 3.2.0 upgrade

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Oops! Earlier today we noticed that the left pane template didn’t get updated when upgrading a gallery from one of the 3.X versions. Because of this, the left pane appears empty when viewed on a touchscreen device larger than 750 pixels, as seen here on a Nexus 7: This only affects users who upgraded their gallery to 3.2.0 in the last four days. In addition, regular monitors (non-touchscreen) don’t have an issue, and neither do mobile devices smaller than 750 pixels. But those of you using an iPad, Nexus 7/10, Surface, touchscreen laptops and similar devices will see an empty left pane. What happened is that we forgot to tell the 3.2.0 migration code to update the JavaScript portion of the left pane template to use the new, improved touchscreen features we added in 3.2. The end result is that the script continues to use the 3.0/3.1 behavior of not [...]

21 Oct, 2013

Microsoft patch available for IIS 7 and 7.5 bug

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[Update Oct 31, 2013]: A user pointed out—and I was able to confirm—that SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 fixes this issue, so you don’t need the hotfix if you apply SP1. I don’t know whether service packs for other OS’s include the fix. Gallery Server Pro uses Web.API for many kinds of AJAX callbacks when users interact with the gallery. For example, when you click the area around a thumbnail image, the gallery makes an AJAX call to the server to retrieve the meta items by issuing a GET request similar to this: http://site.com/gs/api/mediaitems/617/meta As you can see, the URL doesn’t contain a file extension. That is how Web.API is designed and it’s nice and clean. However, a bug in IIS 7 and IIS 7.5 causes extensionless URLs to fail in certain circumstances. See if you are affected There are a few ways to identify if you are affected [...]

1 Aug, 2011

Patch updated for DotNetNuke 6 bug

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DotNetNuke 6.0.0, released a couple weeks ago, contains significant UI updates and new features. Gallery Server Pro is fully compatible with this release except for one issue I fixed today. Clicking the Browse button on the Add objects page doesn’t show the file open dialog box. Instead, nothing happens. This occurs only for IE9 users in standards mode; in compatibility mode – and for other browsers – it works fine. I had to dig into the ComponentArt source code to fix the javascript for the Upload control. ComponentArt had some IE-specific code for calculating the position of elements on the screen. IE9 changes how they are calculated, resulting in a broken browse button. The fix was easy enough – just an extra condition in one of the functions to alter behavior based on whether IE is in compatibility or standards mode. I updated the patch to include the fixed ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll. [...]

21 Jun, 2011

Patch For 2.5.0 Released

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Edit: 2011-06-23 – added fixes for two new issues. Edit: 2011-06-28 – added fixes for two more issues. Edit: 2011-07-12 – added fixes for four more issues. Edit: 2011-08-01 – added fix for one issue. Edit: 2011-08-05 – added fix for one issue. Today I released a patch for 2.5.0 to fix a few bugs that came to light after its release. The patch includes fixes for all three variants of Gallery Server Pro – the stand-alone version, the WPI version, and the DotNetNuke module. To apply the patch, first make sure your site is running 2.5.0. Then download the patch and navigate to the folder that pertains to your flavor of GSP (stand-alone, WPI, or DNN). Copy the DLLs it contains to your bin directory. That is it – you do not have to restart IIS or go through an upgrade wizard. Download the patch here. Here is what [...]

17 Jun, 2011

Fix for SQL Server users

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Today I identified a bug in the SQL Server provider where it does not correctly handle roles that have been assigned to multiple albums. The package downloads have been updated, so if you downloaded 2.5.0 before today, grab the latest GalleryServerPro.Data.SqlServer.dll from the install or upgrade package and replace your version.

24 May, 2011

Bug: Thumbnail image not generated for PDF files

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Today I discovered a bug that affects all galleries upgraded from a version earlier than 2.4.3. You are affected if all of the following are true: You have PDF files in your gallery. You originally installed GSP before version 2.4.3 and then upgraded to one of the later versions. Your site is running in Full Trust. You installed the Gallery Server Pro Binary Pack. In short, this is a bug in the SQL upgrade script that shipped in 2.4.3 and later. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. First, some background: In a default installation GSP creates a generic thumbnail image for PDF files, like this: When you install the Gallery Server Pro Binary Pack, GSP uses the ImageMagick and GhostScript utilities to generate a thumbnail image that is an actual preview of the PDF file: Today I discovered a bug, introduced in 2.4.3, where PDF files *always* get the generic [...]

21 Jan, 2010

Minor bug fixed by jQuery 1.4

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I am surprised I didn’t notice this before or that no one reported it, but there is a small bug in 2.3.3512 on the Manage Users page in the Site admin area. To reduce information overload when user albums are enabled, only user-created roles are shown by default on the Roles tab of the Edit User dialog window, as seen here: If you want to see ALL roles – including the ones created by GSP to manage security for user albums, then select the checkbox Show roles that support the album ownership and user album features. When you do, a little jQuery script runs that shows all of these roles. In this screen shot, two additional roles materialize out of thin air when the checkbox is selected: Or at least it does in browsers other than Internet Explorer 8. When IE8 is in the default Standards Mode, selecting the checkbox [...]

23 Jun, 2009

Script error fixed in 2.3.3456

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There is a bug that appeared in Gallery Server Pro 2.3.3456 released last week. I just fixed it and updated the download packages to include it. I didn't rev the version number because that takes a few hours and this didn't seem important enough to justify the effort. This affects those of you who disable the image metadata feature, as seen here on the Media Objects - General page in the Site admin area: If you kept this option enabled (which is the default), you are not affected by the issue. When disabled, however, a javascript error occurs when you click the Next or Previous buttons as you browse an album. This is caused by a bug in the script file mediaobjectview.js. If this affects you, replace your version of this file with the latest one in one of the download packages (they all contain the same file). The file [...]