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Looking for a cloud hosted edition of Gallery Server? Try Gallery Server Enterprise AWS.

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Home & Nonprofit


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Enterprise Ultimate


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Unlimited file types
Unlimited albums and media files
Updates for one year
Tag clouds / tag trees
Facebook comment engine and ‘Like’ support
Supports Gallery Server Binary Pack
Gallery Server logo hidden
Commercial license GPL
SQL Server support
Azure support
Show recently added & top rated media
Persist metadata to file (NEW)
Image editor (NEW)
tinyMCE HTML editor (NEW)
Forum support
Batch metadata writing (NEW)
UI Template Editor
Media Template Editor
RSS/Atom feeds
Active Directory users integration
Active Directory groups integration (NEW)
Multiple galleries
PayPal integration
Number of domains Unlimited 1 1 3
Hot fix guarantee
Phone support / Dedicated Support Specialist
Install/upgrade assistance  $99  $99  $99 Included
Source code included