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26 Apr, 2016

New HTML editor makes rich text editing a breeze

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Gallery Server 4.0 introduces a brand new, tinyeMCE-based HTML editor that gives you a familiar interface for rich text editing. This makes it easier to add descriptions with headings, bullet lists, links and more.   The HTML editor is available in all editions except for Gallery Server Free. It even works in the 30-day trial. Using the editor is easy. Click anywhere in the text and it changes to an inline editor.   Use the toolbar icons to adjust the formatting. For example, make a hyperlink by highlighting the text and hitting CTRL-K or clicking the hyperlink toolbar icon.   When your edit is complete, hit tab or click outside the editor area to save. If you want to cancel your changes, hit the escape key. There is also an undo manager and a source editor for accessing the underlying HTML. The source editor is particularly useful if you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and [...]

21 Apr, 2016

Gallery Server 4.0 is released

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We welcome you to Gallery Server 4.0. It is packed with new features that improves performance, helps you manage your gallery more efficiently, and adds nearly four dozen fantastic new features. Here's the high-level overview of what's new: Ribbon toolbar – Manage your gallery faster and with less clicks using the new, ajax-enabled ribbon interface. Most tasks, such as editing properties, creating albums, moving/copying items and more can be done without leaving the current page. Image and HTML editors – Crop, resize and more with the new image editor. Add rich text and formatting with the tinyMCE-based HTML editor. Metadata writing – Common properties such as titles, captions, tags and more can now be written back to the original media file, preserving your hard work long after you’ve moved on from Gallery Server. High resolution viewer – View the original, high resolution images and videos in the browser. Performance improvements – [...]

13 Apr, 2016

License improvements in Gallery Server 4

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The licensing model we used in Gallery Server 3 worked pretty well but had a couple drawbacks. One is that it included free updates to any release in the 3.X family. Sounds nice, right? But it tended to punish those who purchased the product later in the 3.X lifespan because they would have access to fewer updates than someone who bought it earlier. A person purchasing Gallery Server today must pay the same upgrade price to get to 4.0 as someone who bought Gallery Server a year ago. We've all been in that situation where we bought some software only to have a new version come out a few weeks later, forcing us to pay again or forgo the new features. Another issue was that it required that we hold back on releasing features until we could group enough of them together to justify asking you to purchase an upgrade. That meant we've been sitting on new features [...]

13 Apr, 2016

New Home & Nonprofit edition offers low-cost option

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You spoke; we listened. Many of you are power home users or belong to budget-conscious organizations that want some of the features of the Enterprise edition but just can't afford the $499 price tag. The most often requested feature is SQL Server support, and we understand why. While SQL CE is zero-maintenance and requires no separate server installation, SQL Server is faster and ACID-compliant. In our tests, SQL Server — even the free SQL Server Express edition — is about 20 times faster than SQL CE. And that makes a dramatic difference in all but the smallest galleries. So we created a new lower-priced version call Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit that gives you the best features of the Enterprise edition at half the cost. You get things like support for SQL Server, the new image editor, HTML editor, and metadata writing. Here is a full breakdown of the features in Gallery Server 4 by [...]

8 Apr, 2016

Gallery Server 4.0 Release Candidate

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Today we are releasing the first (and possibly only) release candidate for Gallery Server 4.0. All the features are in and all the known bugs have been addressed. Now we put it out there so you can kick the tires while we prepare for the final release. Get it here: This release candidate is for testing and evaluation only. You will not be able to upgrade the gallery to the final 4.0 release, nor can it be used to upgrade an existing gallery. Install it as a stand-alone instance and play with it with the knowledge that you will soon be deleting it. This release is a 30-day trial of all features, includes the ones in the high-end editions. No license key is required. It installs the same way as 3.x: Extract the files to an IIS web server and configure the directory as a web application running under .NET 4.5 [...]

4 Apr, 2016

New image editor in Gallery Server 4.0

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Gallery Server just got a lot more powerful. The upcoming release of Gallery Server 4.0 includes a built-in image editor that lets you crop, resize, rotate, adjust colors and more. When you are logged in under an account with edit permission, a new 'edit image' button appears in the ribbon toolbar.   Clicking the button opens an editor, exposing a number of editing capabilities. The buttons along the top of the window allow you to crop, resize, rotate/flip, sharpen, and invert colors. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, color and gamma values. A built-in undo manager lets you revert to previous edits. And a zoom viewer gives you the ability to hone in on details for a closer look. While you are in the editor, your changes exist only in your browser. When you click save, the edited image is sent to the server and replaces the original image. The metadata from your original image file [...]

14 Mar, 2016

Announcing Gallery Server 4.0

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After more than two years in development, we are finally ready to take the wraps off the next release of Gallery Server. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally start talking about this publicly. New Features New ribbon UI New, more efficient workflow for creating albums, moving/copying, assigning thumbnails, rotation and more New image editor allows cropping, resizing, color adjustments and more New HTML editor New Media Queue page Allow viewing high resolution original files in web browser Image property edits can be embedded in the original file Support batch metadata writing to original files New caching algorithm improves performance - only changed items are purged Improved support for high DPI devices Improved touchscreen support Improve usability of admin pages on small devices Support for Canon CR2, Nikon NEF, Adobe Illustrator AI and PostScript PS files Free version now gets the same UI templates as high-end editions (tag clouds/tag trees, PayPal & Facebook [...]

12 Mar, 2016

Website outage

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I cannot tell you how glad we are to be back. It's been a rough few days for Our website went down around 11:30pm Mountain Time Wednesday evening and didn't become fully operational until 9:30 am Saturday, an outage of about 58 hours. This is completely unacceptable performance and I sincerely apologize to everyone who was affected. The short story is that our web hosting company, Arvixe, migrated the website to a new server. The initial migration went well but problems with DNS prevented the site from working for most people until much later. Throughout the outage I was in constant contact with them and together we worked hard to resolve things as quickly as possible. Again, we sincerely apologize for the service disruption. You deserve better. But stay with us, as we have an exciting announcement in the very near future.

1 Mar, 2016

Google is retiring Picasa

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I was bummed to hear that Google recently announced it is discontinuing Picasa. That is bad news to many of us who use it to organize and tag our photos. It is easy to use and supports writing meta properties to the original file, allowing other applications - such as Gallery Server - to extract and display them. Google wants to focus on Google Photos, which is understandable because it doesn't really make sense to continue supporting a competing technology. But Google Photos has it's downsides, like limited tagging and property editing, not to mention how you have to pay for storage if you go beyond the free amount. Frankly, I don't use it except as an online backup. I prefer to use a tool that I can install on my own hardware and will give me complete control over my media collection. Which I guess is why I created Gallery Server all those years ago. [...]