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15 Jul, 2016

Administrator’s Guide Updated for 4.0

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Today we released an updated version of the Gallery Server Administrator’s Guide. The screen shots have been updated and existing chapters were revised to reflect the changes and new features. There's even a new How-To section on enabling the support for the Facebook comment engine. With many software products, the documentation is an afterthought, having minimal or outdated content, if there’s any at all. Gallery Server provides best-of-breed documentation, with deep technical content, tons of screen shots, and How-To sections covering several common tasks. Many of you won’t need to use the guide beyond the initial installation, considering that the user interface is intuitive and easy to use, with plenty of in-application tooltips to guide you along the way. But the Administrators Guide is there for when you need it.

29 Jun, 2016

Gallery Server 4.0.1 released

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Today we pushed out Gallery Server 4.0.1. It contains several bug fixes but no new features. Applying it to your 4.0.0 installation is easy — just copy the files from the upgrade package over your existing installation. There are no web.config changes to merge and you don't have to worry about the version_key.txt file or your license information. Get the upgrade package from your downloads page. If you are upgrading from earlier versions, follow the instructions in the QuickStart Guide. You can read the full list of bug fixes on the release history page. Here I'll mention the most important ones. Sort not updated when title is changed If an album is sorted by title and you change the title, the album was not resorted based on the new title. This has been fixed. HTML may be removed from properties and extracted metadata In 4.0.0 and earlier, only administrators were allowed to specify HTML in [...]

23 Jun, 2016

Can’t edit titles/captions or create an album? We have a fix for that

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[Update June 29, 2016: 4.0.1 is now released and contains a fix for this issue.] User n8huntsman reported having trouble creating an album with a new 4.0.0 gallery. The message received was "Could not find album with ID = 0". After a bit of investigation the user discovered a missing directory at \Scripts\tinymce\plugins. Turns out the version of Gallery Server we published to Microsoft's Web Application Gallery omitted this directory. This caused the tinyMCE text editor to fail, which ultimately caused the album creation process to fail. Who is affected? You installed Gallery Server 4.0.0 through Microsoft's Web Platform Installer, the Azure Gallery, or your web hosting company's control panel And You are within the 30-day trial or you entered a license key for one of the commercial editions. If you registered a key for Gallery Server Free, you are not affected. If you installed or upgraded your gallery by downloading it directly from, you are [...]

22 Jun, 2016

Free offer for Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) members

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Get a free license to the $249 Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit edition We’re big fans of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. They are a committed, friendly group of professionals who share the same goals as us — helping folks organize their media collections. Gallery Server is pleased to support APPO and the photo organizing community. If you are a current APPO member, we’ll give you a free license to the current version of Gallery Server Home & Nonprofit. You get a powerful management tool for photos and videos that doubles as a web gallery for publicly sharing your media collection with friends and family on the internet. Learn more about the APPO offer here.

7 Jun, 2016

Monitor video and audio transcoding with the new Media Queue page

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When the FFmpeg.exe utility from the Gallery Server Binary Pack is installed, Gallery Server is able to create web-optimized media files from your video and audio assets. This provides several benefits: Videos that normally cannot be played in a browser such as AVI, WMV and others are converted to H.264 MP4 videos, which can be played in all major browsers, including those on mobile devices, with no plugin requirements. Sizes are dramatically reduced, which improve playback times on cellular networks, reduce bandwidth costs, and are generally easier to deal with than the originals. For example, a 10-second video clip from a Samsung S6 phone clocks in around 16 MB. When added to a gallery, the web-optimized version is 2-3 MB, roughly an 85% reduction. Creating the web-optimized version takes some time, so Gallery Server starts a background thread when you add a video or audio file. You can monitor this process with the new Media Queue page [...]

16 May, 2016

Complete feature & bug fix list for 4.0.0

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We've been busy with post release activities like helping folks install and upgrade their galleries, updating the website and getting documentation in order. Today I wanted to publish the full feature and bug fix list for 4.0.0. You can read about each of these items in detail by downloading the PDF. You can also find information on changes to web.config, database schema, MIME types, and other settings on the release history page. Enhancements (View detailed report) Allow manual sorting as default sort option Add support for automatically logging in a user Support Windows authentication Perf improvement: Use cached copy of roles instead of hitting the role provider on every page Persist metadata changes to original file Add client event during album paging Improve error message when moving or copying a media object having a missing original file Preserve CSS customizations during upgrades Improve support for high DPI devices Improve caching so that [...]

26 Apr, 2016

New HTML editor makes rich text editing a breeze

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Gallery Server 4.0 introduces a brand new, tinyeMCE-based HTML editor that gives you a familiar interface for rich text editing. This makes it easier to add descriptions with headings, bullet lists, links and more.   The HTML editor is available in all editions except for Gallery Server Free. It even works in the 30-day trial. Using the editor is easy. Click anywhere in the text and it changes to an inline editor.   Use the toolbar icons to adjust the formatting. For example, make a hyperlink by highlighting the text and hitting CTRL-K or clicking the hyperlink toolbar icon.   When your edit is complete, hit tab or click outside the editor area to save. If you want to cancel your changes, hit the escape key. There is also an undo manager and a source editor for accessing the underlying HTML. The source editor is particularly useful if you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and [...]

21 Apr, 2016

Gallery Server 4.0 is released

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We welcome you to Gallery Server 4.0. It is packed with new features that improves performance, helps you manage your gallery more efficiently, and adds nearly four dozen fantastic new features. Here's the high-level overview of what's new: Ribbon toolbar – Manage your gallery faster and with less clicks using the new, ajax-enabled ribbon interface. Most tasks, such as editing properties, creating albums, moving/copying items and more can be done without leaving the current page. Image and HTML editors – Crop, resize and more with the new image editor. Add rich text and formatting with the tinyMCE-based HTML editor. Metadata writing – Common properties such as titles, captions, tags and more can now be written back to the original media file, preserving your hard work long after you’ve moved on from Gallery Server. High resolution viewer – View the original, high resolution images and videos in the browser. Performance improvements – [...]

13 Apr, 2016

License improvements in Gallery Server 4

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The licensing model we used in Gallery Server 3 worked pretty well but had a couple drawbacks. One is that it included free updates to any release in the 3.X family. Sounds nice, right? But it tended to punish those who purchased the product later in the 3.X lifespan because they would have access to fewer updates than someone who bought it earlier. A person purchasing Gallery Server today must pay the same upgrade price to get to 4.0 as someone who bought Gallery Server a year ago. We've all been in that situation where we bought some software only to have a new version come out a few weeks later, forcing us to pay again or forgo the new features. Another issue was that it required that we hold back on releasing features until we could group enough of them together to justify asking you to purchase an upgrade. That meant we've been sitting on new features [...]

Gallery Server 4.0 now available!