ASP.NET Photo Gallery

ASP.NET Photo Gallery 2016-12-01T16:37:34+00:00

And video gallery… and document gallery… and more…

screenshot of web-based photo gallery

Digital Asset Manager and Web Gallery in one ASCX user control

Gallery Server is an ASP.NET application for managing photos, videos, audio, and documents in a convenient gallery accessible from any browser on any device. We’ve been around for years, been installed thousands of times, and have a loyal following.

Give us a try – you’ll like having us around.

Install Gallery Server as a stand-alone application or integrate it into any web application, using the ASCX control for ASP.NET Web Forms apps and an iframe for other types.

Easy branding and integration

Add your logo, change the skin, or tweak the layout without touching any source code. UI templates make customizing simple and quick.

Integrate with Active Directory and Windows Groups for simple user management.

It’s an ASP.NET photo gallery. And an ASP.NET video gallery. And an ASP.NET audio gallery. And an ASP.NET document gallery. All with HTML 5 at its core.

Sounds sweet! Show me a demo
We use Gallery Server for a digital archiving system managing a huge quantity of photos and documents. We love the system for its splendid functionality, its flexibility and transparency. When necessary it can be easily adapted to meet specific local requirements. The documentation is superb. The developers are always there to provide support and advice.
Jan van Harten, VH Computer Consult