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4Mar, 2015

Reduce your gallery’s drive space requirements up to 99%

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When you add a media asset to your gallery, Gallery Server creates a thumbnail and web-optimized file that is used for most gallery activities. For example, clicking the thumbnail image in an album shows the web-optimized version, not the original. By default, web-optimized images are about 640 px on the longest side and – for JPG images – created with a compression quality setting of 70 (you can change this on the Media Objects – Images page).

A typical web-optimized image is about 30-70 KB regardless of the size of the original image. It is common for today’s digital cameras to produce files that are 8MB and even higher. That’s huge, so it’s highly beneficial to use the smaller file whenever possible. It downloads and renders quickly and uses far less bandwidth and server resources than the original would have.

The original still exists on the server and can be downloaded through the Download […]

26Feb, 2015

Support forum is live

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The title is a bit misleading because the forum has actually been live for a couple weeks, but I’m finally getting around to writing about it. This was phase two of our overhaul of

Phase 1 was going from a hand-built ASP.NET site to one based on WordPress. I was hesitant to get out of my comfort zone since WordPress is written in PHP, about which I knew little or nothing. But it would have been a massive effort to hand build a new site while trying to get all the bits and pieces right, like SEO, responsive design, accessibility, etc. Turns out it was a good move, as WordPress – and especially its vast ecosystem of plugins – gave me just about everything I wanted and then some. I bought a professional-looking theme and was able to put together a modern, responsive site that is already showing vast improvements in SEO. For example, […]

15Jan, 2015

Shiny new forum on its way

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A couple weeks ago we replaced the homemade, aging ASP.NET web application at with a stylish new modern one based on WordPress. To keep the transition simple, we didn’t mess with the forum. But now the time has come.

The new forum is based on Simple:Press, a popular, feature-rich forum that integrates into WordPress. All the existing content and user accounts will be migrated to the new one, so you will continue to be able to log in with your old forum account. However, new passwords must be generated because the two systems use different encryption algorithms. You will receive an email with your new password when the migration is complete.

While this transition is under way, the forum is in read-only mode. We are moving things as fast as we can and hope to be converted and passing all tests within a few days. If you have questions during this time, feel free to use the contact […]

1Oct, 2014

Congrats to gallery contest winner Joe Hakooz!

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Last month I invited you to submit your gallery for a new Gallery Showcase we’re building that highlights the diverse ways people use Gallery Server Pro for managing digital assets. Thanks for all your great entries! The winner, chosen at random, is Joe Hakooz from Innovah, a custom web app company in North Carolina. His client is Lacour Fruits, an international fruit and vegetable distributor based in France. They needed a secure way to store a large number of photos and videos in high resolution formats, primarily for use in their marketing and print collateral. They considered building a custom app but when they found Gallery Server Pro they knew they found their solution. Here’s what Joe had to say: “Gallery Server was incredibly simple to install and converting to an SQL database was painless. The automatic installation is tough to beat, but my favorite thing is […]

9Sep, 2014

Show off your gallery and win $50

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Got a great gallery you’d like to show off? Tell us about it and it might appear in the new Gallery Showcase we’re adding to our site. Any gallery built with Gallery Server Pro is eligible. If selected, we’ll post a screenshot and a little blurb about how you’re using the gallery. We’ll even provide a link to help with your SEO. Use the contact form to provide: An URL to your gallery. If it’s password protected and you don’t want to share a login account, give us a screenshot. A few sentences that describes how you’re using the gallery. What problem does it solve? If you’re happy with GSP, say so. Your name, title, email and – ideally – a photo of your face. We’ll select positive comments for a separate "What our customers are […]

2Sep, 2014

Secure your media files in a read-only gallery

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People who want to share their media assets with the world through a website typically have one of two views:

I want to fully manage my media files through the website, including adding and deleting media. That is, I want a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).
I already have a process for managing my files; I just want to expose a read only gallery on my website. That is, I want a Web Gallery.

Both of these are valid and supported in Gallery Server Pro. In this post I’ll focus on the second approach – exposing a collection of files in a read-only gallery.
Who would want to do this?
I would, for one. Like a lot of people, I have accumulated thousands of photos and videos over the years. My master collection of media files is stored on a desktop PC in my home. No matter how I acquire a media asset – whether […]

17Jul, 2014

Did you know you can change your file names?

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This is one of those hidden gems in Gallery Server Pro that is not widely known but can be really handy. You can modify the underlying file name of any media object through the gallery UI.

You already know you can edit several attributes of your media assets in the right pane. The common ones are title, caption, and tags, but any property can be editable. In a default gallery, the file name is visible and read only:

To make the file name editable, go to the Metadata page in the site admin area. Find the row for the FileName property and check the box to make it editable. Note that there is a quirk in the jQuery grid widget that requires you to tab *out* of the cell before saving, so be sure it has the green check mark when you save.

That’s it. Notice you can now edit the file name […]

19Jun, 2014

WPI version of Gallery Server Pro released

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Microsoft has completed their testing of 3.2.1 and published the new version to their web application gallery. A link to install it is on the download page.